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Gut Health and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Optimal Gut Health, understood to be diversity and volume of the gut microbiome (healthy gut bacteria) as well as the preservation of the integrity of the colon wall (vs leaky gut), is a fundamental cornerstone to optimal health and well-being. Unbeknownst to many of us, leaky gut and /or imbalance of the gut microbiome are very often the undiagnosed root cause of symptoms and conditions such as acne, migraines, brain fog, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression psoriasis, fibromyalgia, eczema, auto-immune conditions, ADHD, cancer etc.

Coaching sessions focus on understanding your specific health conditions/concerns relative to the dis-ease of the gut. We help you to understand the primal relationship of your gut health to your specific symptoms and health condition/s. We then guide and assist you in mapping & implementing your unique path to healthier living through reversal of leaky gut and reseeding of an imbalanced gut microbiome. The result : significant improvement in associated underlying disease or inflammatory conditions.

Environmental toxin exposure that harms the gut, causing hormonal imbalance and or disease gene expression is also discussed in detail through the course of the coaching sessions.

  • Sessions are usually once a week
  • A recommended number of sessions can be discussed after the first session
  • Following implementation of the recommended protocol, Gut Health can be restored & optimized within 21- 42 days
  • Coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom although Face to Face can be arranged
  • Recommended supplementary products are available at the DripBar or can be delivered via courier

Our health and lifestyle coaching program includes:

Meet the HealthCoach

Meet health & lifestyle coach, Chantal Du Chenne, who is passionate about all things wellness. Over the span of her 25-year career, Chantal has held various positions within the medical, health and wellness industries – including 20 years optimising health, wellness & performance for professional golfers, and 10 years as the Executive Head of Vodacom's Corporate Wellness Programme.

With a specific interest in the causal relationship of leaky gut and dysbiosis (imbalance) of the gut microbiome, Chantal assists & guides her clients in healing and optimising their gut health in order to more effectively manage and even reverse symptoms & health conditions.

Chantal is a BSc Hons Physiotherapy & an international diploma in Personal, Sport and Lifestyle Nutrition. She is also the founder of the DripBar and the owner of a Kombucha brewery and brand, the Farmacy.

Chantal is a competitive cyclist, an enthusiast painter, a plant-strong vegan and mom to two grown-up girls.